Cancellation Policies

1 Month Prior

Full refund 30 days prior to your experience

Must be made 30 full days prior to 12:00 AM local time the day your experience is scheduled. For example, if your experience is scheduled for May 21st at 6pm, cancel by April 21st 12:00 AM in the experience’s timezone for a full refund.

If you cancel less than 30 days in advance, the experience is non-refundable.

Guidelines for Protection of Personal Information by AKIBALAND TOURS

AKIBALAND TOURS recognize that the reliable protection of personal information of our customers and all who are concerned with our company is our indispensable responsibility. We are committed to carrying out the following policies in the protection of personal information.


1. We will conduct the collection, usage, and provision of personal information legally and fairly and use personal information for work-related purposes only.


2. We will take organizational, technical, and rational preventive and corrective measures to mitigate the risk of illegal access, loss, destruction, and leak of all personal information handled by our company.


3. We will strictly follow all laws, guidelines, social norms, and public standards regarding personal information will be strictly followed.


4. We have designated the responsible person to handle complaints and questions about personal information, including requests for disclosure, and we will publicize the contact information inside and outside AKIBALAND TOURS.  We will respond to requests from customers concerning their own personal information in good faith and in a timely manner.


How We Handle Personal Information


In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and AKIBALAND TOURS Privacy Policy, we handle and work to protect the personal information of customers as follows:

1. Customer Personal Information Kept by AKIBALAND TOURS

We keep a portion of personal information provided by customers in travel requests and other transactions as personal data.


2. Reasons for Use of Customer Personal Information

We will use personal information provided in travel purchase forms to contact customers, as well as when necessary in the performance of our travel and other services as requested by the customer, including the arrangement of transportation and accommodations (as listed in the agreement).


3. Providing Customer Personal Information to Third Parties

We will provide in electronic form a customer’s name, gender, age, address, phone number, e-mail address, passport number, and credit card number to transportation, accommodation, and insurance companies as necessary to arrange and provide purchased travel services, or as necessary to fulfill travel agreements or complete insurance formalities to seculties costs when accidents occur.


4. Inquiry, Disclosure, Deletion and Correction of Personal Information

In the case where any customer requests AKIBALAND TOURS to disclose and/or delete, eliminate, correct personal information that has been kept by us and if he/she requests AKIBALAND TOURS to stop providing his/her personal information to the third parties, AKIBALAND TOURS will comply with the request.