The chaotic and exciting city TOKYO

We will take you to the real Japan!  AKIHABARA, HARAJUKU, and more!

This is a very family friendly tour. We cater to everyone of all ages, so young children and even our older, more experienced guests will enjoy our tour. We have a guide that can speak your native language "English, Spanish, French, and Japanese", so you have access to all the information they have available. Through our tour, we will provide an unforgettable explanation of all things Japan which you won’t be able to find in your guidebooks.

AKIHABARA Cool Culture Tour with a knowledgeable Guide

■Español ■ English ■Français

HARAJUKU Kawaii Culture Tour with a Colorful friends

■Español ■ English ■Français

Dress up in a Kawaii Kimono & Stroll around the romantic townscape of Asakusa.

■Español ■ English ■Français

Solamente Español

Argentine,Uruguay,Ecuador,El Salvador,Cuba,Guatemala, Costa Rica,Colombia,Spain,Equatorial Guinea,Chile,Dominican,Nicaragua,Panama
Área de habla española

Tour exclusivo para el día 2 de enero del 2020

A través de estas 3 ciudades que simbolizan a Tokyo hoy en día, daremos a conocer un poco más de su historia y cultura, ya que hay muchas cosas que aún no se saben sobre esta. ¡Los esperamos!