~Limited to the world’s Kigurumi enthusiasts and photographers~


Hopping on an Open top double decker-bus in TOKYO!!

"Ain't this a world first?"

Kigurumi Enthusiasts are required to participate!Visit famous sightseeing spots in Tokyo on an open top double decker-bus (chartered!)!There will be an after-party following the event.We welcome you bring your questions and comments not only about Kigurumi enthusiasts, but about life in Japan as well, to this after-party.We hope you attend this event and really enjoy yourselves.Come join us!


■Departure Date / Time

Sat,18th Feb / 13:00~19:00

■Meeting Time 


■Meeting Point

Tokyo(Near Akihabara)To be announced in the near future.

■Participation fee 

10,000yen/per person

*Even in the case of non-participation in after-party, the fee will not change.

■Included in participation fee

Bus ride fee, clothes change facility securing fee, launch participation fee

■Not included in participation fee

Round-trip transportation expenses to meeting place, goods purchased for private use etc.,

Locker fee to be used personally (The organizer will manage baggage until bus ride and until dispersal of participants afterwards)

■Conditions of Participation

・Kigurumi enthusiasts are highly encourages to participate.

・Participation is open to both sexes.

・All nationalities are welcome.


While touring famous sightseeing spots in the city on an open top double decker-bus, against various backgrounds you can take various fun and memorable photos. After about a two hour ride, we are planning an exchange party with participants.


Meet up→Changing clothes


Ride on Bus(Akihabara, Asakusa, Tokyo Sky Tree etc.)


Short photo-shoot time +Changing clothes

There is a short time for photos in the launch area before changing clothes.






Additional Information

Clothing is weather dependent. We recommend warm clothing and gloves in the wintertime.

In general, our tours also run in non-optimal weather conditions. 

However, we cannot guarantee that the booked event can take place at the scheduled date/time. 

If a tour is cancelled due to weather or security reasons (heavy rain, storm, severe weather warning) we will contact all participants as soon as possible. 

Supplementary matter

· Please make sure you can wear seat belts with your costumes.

· Luggage can be put on the bus. However, please be sure to hold onto valuable items.

· Since Japan is cold in February, please be sure to take measures against cold weather.

· Since the wind is strong, please make sure clothing accessories and hair, etc, which can be peeled off by strong wind are reinforced and held tight on your person.


Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

<Cancellation  refund>

Contact by 20 or more days in advance = 100%

Contact from 19 to 14 days in advance = 50%

Contact from 13 to 7 days in advance = 10%

Contact after 6 days in advance = no refund

No contact and no participation = no refund