Harajuku KAWAII culture with a colorful guide

Akihabara Culture Tour with a knowledgeable guide

Follow your own personal maid guide as she takes you deep into the heart of Akihabara, to places tourists don't usually go!


On our tours, we will show you Takeshita Street, where young people that wear colorful fashion gather; as well as the 'Kawaii Monster Café' which offers a unique interior design and an innovative visual menu. You will be charmed by the Kawaii Magic of the cutting-edge fashionable and artistic city of Harajuku !will show you the shockingly cute city of Harajuku, which is full of brand shops with colorful and vivid clothes and accessories.

Akihabara "秋葉原"

We'll take you to the center of the anime, manga, games, and figurine culture which began in AKIHABARA. Including a unique experience at a real Japanese maid cafe! On this two-and-a-half hour tour, your guide will provide an unforgettable explanation of all things AKIHABARA which you won’t be able to find in the guidebooks.Our guides are bilingual in English, Spanish, French and Japanese ask them anything about AKIHABARA!